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DIY christmas, christmas decor, christmas craft, christmas gifts, christmas gift box, DIY gift tag, gift tag Ahhhh...the holidays are here! This is my favourite time of year. The house feels warm and cozy, and I love to have fun with DIY holiday decor and get my crafting on! Something I would have been embarrassed to admit in high school, but I'm 37 now so I'm owning it. Hi. I'm Lindsay, and I love to craft.


The holidays are a perfect time of year to experiment with DIY decor. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Christmakkah, getting creative and decorating the house is half the fun! I love to do a new Christmas craft every year, and this year I've been experimenting with wooden tags for my gift boxes.

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These wooden gift tags are so simple to create, you can make them while drinking wine and watching Netflix on a Friday night! Or share the wine, and call your girlfriends over for a gift tag crafting party! I can't believe I just suggested a "crafting party". But like I said...own it! And did I mention there would be wine?

DIY christmas decorations, DIY christmas gift tags, DIY gift tags, wood gift tags, wood tags, wood beads, wood ornaments These wooden gift tags are great for the holiday season, and can double as tree ornaments! You can also create them to suit any gifting occasion depending on the wooden shapes you choose. Try them on your birthday gift boxes, Anniversary, Valentines Day, Baby Shower gift, etc.

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 You'll Need:
  • Wood Rings/Beads/Shapes
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Jute Rope (optional)
  • Mini Bells (optional)


 Step 1:

Make a Basic Tassel


DIY tassel, gift tag, DIY gift tag

 Wrap your yarn around a piece of cardboard or  credit card until you reach the desired thickness  you want for your tassel. 








DIY tassel, DIY gift tag, gift tag

 Slip the yarn off the cardboard, and tie a separate piece of yarn through the top of the loop.



DIY tassel, yarn tassel, gift tag tassel, keychain tassel, decorative tassel DIY tassel, DIY gift tag, gift tag, wood gift tag, wood ornament, wood beads Wrap another piece of yarn around the top of the tassel to create the head. Tie off this piece and cut. Cut the ends of the tassel to desired length.



Step 2:

Attach Wood Beads & Shapes


DIY tassel, DIY gift tag, gift tag, wood gift tag, wood ornament, wood bead DIY tassel, DIY gift tag, wood bead, gift tag, wood ornament, wood gift tag, wood tag, wood ornament Use the string of yarn that you tied through the top of the tassel to secure a wooden ring, shape, bead or bell.


Leave this piece of yarn in place to become the gift tag string, or tie it and cut it off, then attach a piece of jute rope for the string. 

DIY tassel, DIY gift tag, gift tag, wood beads, wood ornament, wood gift tag

 DIY tassel, DIY gift tag, gift tag, wood gift tag, wood beads, wood tag, wood ornament, wood beads You can use the tassel strings to attach wooden shapes, or attach them separately to the tassel on their own string. 


DIY tassel, yarn tassel, christmas gift tag, DIY gift tag, wood gift tag, wood ornament, wood bead, wood garland
Attach any wood beads or shapes you wish! You can also cut your tassel to make it shorter.








Step 3:

Hang on a Gift Box or Paper Bag


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Hang your gift tag around a ribbon on your gift box, or hang it from the handles of a gift bag (go for a kraft paper gift bag to coordinate with the wooden tags for that rustic look! A kraft paper bag is also recyclable & compostable).



Nemylu Reusable gift Boxes 


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Happy gifting! 

November 12, 2021 — Lindsay Eeson

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