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Valentines Day gifts that you'll feel good about!

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Valentines Day is just around the corner and you're all prepared with love themed cards, heart shaped chocolates and customized gifts that show just how much you care. Right?? Or maybe you're like me, feeling overwhelmed with all the presents, cards and candies that line the shopping aisles of our everyday grocery stores (can't I just grab some Kale without being bombarded by PINK?!)

Although V day is meant to be a celebration of love, it can often feel overwhelming and IN YOUR FACE. The pressure we feel to give the RIGHT gift, the BEST gift, and WHO to buy gifts for is real and annoying!  Valentines Day has become yet another over commercialized consumer holiday.  And so, I must ask you this question: Are you a Valentines Day lover or hater?

I used to hate Valentines Day. Until I took this day back into my own hands and let go of the pressure to BUY. Instead, now I CREATE. Make a Valentines Day craft, or plan a DIY Galentines activity with your girlfriends! It's the perfect excuse to spend time with your friends (or partner) and drink (pink) bubbly while you do it! Best of all, everyone goes home with a memory.

If you've become a hater of V Day, let me try to convince you that this day can be fun, simple and fulfilling if celebrated YOUR way. Once I figured this out, I took back V Day for myself and am now a huge fan!


Let's strip it back to the basics!

Celebrate what Valentines Day is all about: declaring your love for someone!

And who ever said you HAD to declare your love with store bought gifts and fancy sweets?


Let's find alternative ways to celebrate the people we love on Valentines Day without the added pressure to buy "stuff", especially stuff that is themed purposely for Valentines Day (giant heart stuffy anyone?) and won't be used for long anyway. Because we all know where that giant heart stuffy is ending up eventually...in stuffy heaven :(

Here are my favorite (and easy) Valentines Day crafts & DIY gifts that are actually enjoyable and fun to do. Try them out! You may never again feel the need to walk down overstuffed aisles decorated with pink!

Once you've created these tasty treats or cool crafts, have fun wrapping them! You can make your own gift wrap out of kraft paper and colourful paper bags, or choose a reusable gift box like our fabric gift box in Rose Gold.


Bake Together

Heart Shaped Rice Crispies


Red Velvet Cupcakes



Craft Together

DIY Pink Heart Bath Bombs


Valentines Day Tree


DIY Succulents Pot


Homemade Candy Jar



Homemade Cards

Hugs & Kisses Card


DIY Flower Hearts Card          DIY Heart Arrow Card 


Cookie Card


Love Giving Gifts?

Support Local Shops!

If shopping for Valentines Day gifts does NOT overwhelm you, then go ahead and have fun sourcing that perfect gift for your special someone. I love to support local shops and florists, especially when choosing gift items for a girlfriend!


Here are some great Valentines Day gift ideas for your partner, friends, family & kids:


Choose seasonal blooms from a local florist in your community!


Local gift shops always carry candles, and they make the perfect gift for someone's home!

Chocolates & Baked Goods

Need I say more? Visit any local bakery and check out their selection!

Paper Crafts

If you have a local stationary store in your community, check out their selection of paper crafts for adults and kids (scrapbooking, card making, origami. The options are endless!)


Local gift shops often carry jewelry made by hand! Or hunt through your local thrift shop and find a vintage piece!

Wine & Champagne

Tell me an adult alive who doesn't love receiving wine as a gift! And if they don't imbibe, try out some of the new zero proof cocktails on the market!
I hope you have fun creating these fun and easy Valentines Day crafts & treats!



Now go spread the love! Xo

February 08, 2023 — Lindsay Eeson

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