1) How do I construct my NemyLu box?

It’s easy! Once you remove your gift boxes from their cardboard packaging, separate each box from their respective lids. Now you can unfold the gift box, and stand it up on it’s bottom where the ribbon is attached. Push down the inside bottom piece, et Voilà! Add a nice gift for someone special and tie up your ribbons.

2) How do I tie the ribbons?

Any way you like! Check out our video tutorials on Instagram @nemylu for easy and creative ways to tie your ribbons. Share your finished gift with us and tag @nemylu! We love to be inspired.

Here is the easiest way to tie the 4 ribbons (Tower Sets):

  1. Pick any ribbon and hold it in your hand. Then grab the ribbon to the left or right (not across) and hold these two ribbons in the same hand.
  2. Take the remaining two ribbons in your other hand.
  3. Treat each set of ribbons as if they were a single ribbon, and cross one set over the other set (just like tying your shoes).
  4. Once you have created a “+” shape with the ribbons, you can go ahead and tie a basic bow .


3) My ribbons and boxes are wrinkled. Can I iron them?

Yes, you can! But please be careful, and follow these instructions:

  • Set your iron to LOW.
  • Do NOT use the steam function. Empty your iron of any reminaing water.
  • Iron each ribbon individually, on the matte side of the ribbon (not the shiny side).

You can also iron the sides of the boxes, lid, and the underside of the box where the ribbon is attached.

Double check your heat setting before you start ironing. High heat will melt the ribbon, so please be cautious! We recommend you test your iron on the underside of the box first.

4) Can I recycle the packaging?

You bet! Our kraft paper packaging is 100% recyclable, and your items ship without plastic. We even use paper shipping tape! Simply flatten the shipping box (you can leave the label on) and include it with your regular cardboard recycling pick up. Better yet, reuse it! Store your folded NemyLu boxes in their original packaging to avoid dust and damage while they wait to make their next appearance. If you gift your NemyLu box to someone else (how lucky are they?!), you can also give them the original packaging to store their gift box.

5) How much can my NemyLu boxes hold?

Our gift boxes are fairly strong because of the reinforced fabric and cardboard bottoms, but they aren’t meant to carry bowling balls! We recommend you test the item first. To do this, simply place your item inside the box and pick the box up gently. If the bottom starts to flex outwards, the item is too heavy for the box. You can use our recommendations as a guide:

  • Small box – up to 2.75 kg (5 lb.)
  • Medium box – up to 3.5 kg (7 lb.)
  • Large box – up to 4.5 kg (9 lb.)
  • Shirt box – up to 2.75 kg (5 lb.)

6) Can I clean my NemyLu boxes?

If your NemyLu boxes get dirty or dusty, try wiping them first with a dry clean cloth. If the surface dirt doesn’t come off, try wiping again with a clean, cold damp cloth.

If that doesn’t do the trick, try spraying lightly with a stain remover and wipe clean wit a cold damp cloth. Be sure that your cloth is not soaking wet, as you may damage the inner paperboard under the cotton. Any light surface stains should come out with this method.

However, if Aunty Cathy has one too many at your party and spills her wine, then Aunty Cathy owes you some new NemyLu's! Unfortunately, our boxes cannot be machine washed as they contain paperboard.

7) How long will my NemyLu boxes last?

We have designed these gift boxes to last as long as you are willing to care for them. We want them to stand the test of time, otherwise they are no better than the wrapping paper we throw in the trash! If you follow our care instructions like you would with a cashmere sweater or silk dress, your NemyLu gift boxes should perform year over year. Here are our general care instructions:

1) Do not machine wash. Spot clean only with a clean, cold damp cloth.
2) Iron on LOW setting. Do not use steam.
3) Do not personalize your boxes with sharp materials or items that can stain.
4) When folded for storage, protect your boxes from dust and dirt.
5) Do not let drunk Aunt Cathy near your NemyLu’s.

8) How can I personalize my NemyLu?

The world is your oyster with this one! There are infinite ways to add a personal touch to your gift boxes.

Choose the way you'd like to tie your ribbon. Visit us on Instagram @nemylu for ribbon tying tutorials!

Start by reusing items you already have around the house. You can customize your boxes with craft items, homemade cards, left over fabric, garden clippings, even jewellery and hair clips. Get creative and have fun! Be sure to use materials that don’t cause damage to the box or ribbon (put the hot glue gun down, slowly…) and don’t forget to share with us!

Post your NemyLu beauties to Instagram and tag @nemylu so we can all get inspired. Keep checking back with us for more fresh ideas and décor tips!

9) Can I mix and match the sets?

Why not? Go for it! Our sets were designed to complement each other beautifully.

10) What does NemyLu mean?

NemyLu is a combination of my daughters’ names: Nemaya and Talulah. They were the inspiration behind this business! It was their wrapping paper shit storm that had me hauling out my sewing machine and sparked the idea to make reusable gift boxes.